Hello Witnesses Nation! Welcome to my site. Here your find my courageous defense of Jehovah’s Witnesses. An organization that makes up 0.001% of the worlds population, yet is number 1 in my heart. So if your not part of the 99.999% of humanity that will be flayed like a hot dog at Armageddon this site is for you. Here’s an overview:

Are you tired and discouraged? You probably aren’t doing enough!

10 tips on being a better shunner of family members.

How to remove the smell of death from your after-Armageddon home!

You say I backed into your car? Good luck proving it without 2 witnesses! This is the JW Ghost Report

Check out the features of my site:

JW Ghost Library is my blog chronicling my life as a unapologetic apologist for the Watchtower organization. Also, I will be reviewing new JW publications, articles, and media as it becomes available. Let’s all bask in the ‘new light’!

Questions From Readers is where I respond to your emails and comments and break down how you are wrong and the Watchtower organization really is God’s one true organization.

Watching the World is a look at news stories from around the world that involves Jehovah’s Witnesses and their noble acts. Google can’t be biased right?

Life Stories are my interviews with different one’s I meet as I courageously defend the Watchtower from the ‘mentally diseased minds’ of apostates. Also, submitted stories of people’s experiences (which I don’t have time to read beforehand. I assume they are all pro-JW in nature).

(Warning: Since privacy is of upmost concern here, let me know in your comments if you don’t want me to post it publicly. I love to hear from all of you but I would never want to ‘out you’.)