The JW Taboo of Mother’s Day

This is dedicated to all those who have a mother who love a publishing company over their own child.

This won’t be a long post. Just a reminder that the devotion placed upon the Watchtower by members is absolutely misplaced. Case in point: Mother’s Day.

While it is well known that Jehovah’s Witnesses do not celebrate Christmas or birthdays, many people would be surprised to find out that they are also forbidden to celebrate other ‘holidays’ such as Mother’s Day. Growing up I had to refrain from participating from any Mother’s Day projects at school. “No teacher, I can’t make a card for my mom about how I love her for Mother’s Day because it’s against my religion.” Why the prohibition on such a seemingly harmless observance?

Ask a JW about it and you will get shuffling feet and a hurried answer about how we don’t need a special day to show love to our mothers, that we show love everyday as the Bible says to. Or some other benign answer, that will hopefully stop any other questions. Well for those JWs I have a special treat for you. Here is the real explanation, straight from the Rutherford’s mouth!

As far back as 1931 in JF Rutherford’s book ‘Vindication’ (there might be an older reference, but this is the oldest one in my library of books) the evils of Mothers Day was denounced. Under the chapter ‘Serving Notice’ about warning people about Jehovah’s ‘righteous indignation’, on page 153 it serves up these great facts about this evil day:

God commanded us to honor our father and mother. The father represents Jehovah and the mother represents Gods organization (makes perfect sense right!). But Satan, being the crafty mother fucker that he is, aims to turn people away from this idea. One of the ways he does that is by organizing in Britain and America Mother’s Day!!!!! (Although he waited a couple thousand years after the 5th commandment was issued to unleash this monstrous holiday in 1913 because…..reasons)

It goes on to mock the tagline of the holiday, ‘Dedicated to the memory of the best mother in the world, your mother.’ Then it asks and answers my favorite question in the whole book – “Is it true that every man’s mother is ‘the best mother in the world’? Everyone knows that is not true.” Wow! Who hurt you Brother Rutherford?

It goes on to explain that this trap of the devil is designed to make you worship your mother instead of God. So glad we have this clearly-not-crazy-and-unbalanced-direction coming from God’s organization.

At the end I will post pictures from the actually book so you can see the madness for yourself.

My kids both came home on Friday with cards and worksheets and pictures about how much they love their mother and it was beautiful. Still waiting to see it will cause them to build an alter to their mom in the backyard. I’m sure it’s coming…….

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