The Worst Lines from Tony Morris

I guess I owe Governing Body member Anthony Morris III, (AM3 as he is known on the streets, lol) a great deal of thanks because he was in part responsible for me leaving the organization. Here is a quick list of the most awful things he has said for me personally:


 The infamous ‘tight pants’ comments ( US Branch visit, streamed to every congregation in the USA – November 2014)


I heard this one live. Here is a member of the governing body going on a 5 min rant about women wearing yoga pants, and men wearing skinny jeans and suits. Apparently this was ‘food at the proper time’? The highlight (lowlight?) of the talk was the line when he tells the men in the audience that “the homosexuals who design these clothes, they like to see you in tight pants.”


 Human hot dogs (2009/10 Special Assembly day talk entitled ‘The time left is reduced-How will you use it?’)


You could justify this little extract from his talk as just showing the need to help people while we have time left. However when you remember that he is speaking to an audience of probably a few thousand people, which include young CHILDREN, it becomes a very inappropriate topic and used only to guilt people into doing more by graphically talking about a loving God brutally butchering people that are not Jehovah’s Witnesses and saying we will have to see it with our own eyes. So encouraging!


 Shunning your family(Italy Branch visit January 2014)


I think of all the videos on this list, this one upsets me the most. Yet it is probably also the one video here that the average JW would have the least problem with. Apparently the brothers and sisters in Rome are having a hard time justifying shunning their relatives when they leave the organization. So Tony here lays down the law here. After misapplying scriptures that deal with congregational matters, NOT personal relationships with family members, he very strongly tells us that there is no exceptions for your son or daughter. Its wrong he says to speak to them if they leave. The most infuriating part though is when he says that ‘‘we don’t have closed doors at kingdom halls or tie people to the seats with ropes’’. So sure you can leave whenever you want, but just know that when you do you will lose everyone that you ever loved, but you know its totally a free choice. (more to come on the topic of shunning on this blog so stay tuned)


Coerced Baptism (Regional Convention 2015)


Here Tony explains to parents that if your kid is approaching 16 you should threaten to withholding his/her drivers license if they don’t get baptized. Totally a voluntary religion right? No pressure!


Is there blood on your hands? (January 2018)


This is the video that is the worst example of what JWs teach and how they make you feel guilty all the time. “Does God see blood on your hands?” he asks. ‘If you haven’t been out in service in weeks, then most likely God see some blood on your hands….and your going to lose your life.’ To tell people that they are constantly not doing enough for God (or them) is what causes so many Witnesses to feel like they are worthless, to question if God really loves them or if they are going to survive in paradise. Its despicable. So not only do you have to be a JW to survive and be loved by God you also have to constantly strive to ‘good’ JW. Any lapse and you might be putting your eternal salvation at risk. Just missing 3 weeks of field ministry might do it in for you. Remember JWs, you’re a piece of shit and God is angry at you, but if you try really really hard to appease him and sacrifice everything, you MIGHT make it. What a wonderful happy people. #bestlifeever (the only video I could find of this is a 2 hour one covering his whole talk. The part I am refereeing to is at the 1:45-1:48 mark)


 BONUS! Tony at the liquor store (2019)


After everything here is the great Tony Morris buying over $800 dollars of liquor on a Sunday morning. So hey Caleb and Sophia don’t spend that dollar on ice cream. Be sure to donate it to the Watchtower so Tony can go on a booze run!


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