Unanswered Letter To My Sister

I wrote this email to my sister after she agreed to answer some if my questions I had. I promised her I would NOT directly include “apostate material”. She never replied back.

I just want to understand your mindset on these issues. They dont have to be long answers, just a sentence or two will do. I will probably have follow up questions based on your answers just so I can clarify your position.

What would it take to leave the organization. Where is your ‘red line’?

Do you think JWs are Jehovah’s only spokesman on earth today?

How much does the child sexual abuse allegations bother you? IF they were covering things up would it make a difference to you?

IF JWs are not true, would you want to know about it? Or would you rather not know and keep everything calm?

IF JWs are not true, how would you ever know it?

Why do you think JWs are God’s organization?

What is more important to you, Jehovah or the WT organization? And which one would you side with IF you were forced to choose?

Do you think it’s impossible to serve Jehovah correctly outside of the organization? Or, why do you need to be in an organization to serve Jehovah?

In your opinion, Why are apostates dangerous?

Do you understand why there are apostates? Why I and others are upset?

Is the source of info more important than whether or not it is true or false?

If JWs are not God’s organization, how would you view the practice of shunning amoung family members?

The WT discourages reading other material besides its own. It strongly warns agaisnt even talking to ‘apostates’ or any media or people that are negative against them. They say it’s for our protection. But can you think of another reason it could have for saying such things?

Thank you for your consideration. Please feel free to ask me whatever you want as well. I’m a firm believer that more knowledge is always a good thing. In fact, in my opinion, the biggest difference between an active JW and an Apostate is that the apostate is the only one that has actually done objective research into his faith and organization he belongs to. Not just rely on one-sided arguments. Which im sure you’ll agree can be biased. That’s why JWs cant really win any argument with them because after a while they cant counter the “facts” and they just shut down and cut you out of their lives. A true Christian should never be afraid of the truth, even if it leads them in an uncomfortable direction. That’s why I would NEVER be afraid of any question you could ask me, or avoid people that challenge my beliefs. Truth is more important than my feelings.

One more thing – in the end, people are free to beleive whatever they wish. That doesnt bother me. What does bother me is when those beliefs actively harm other people. That’s why apostates even exist today. If it wasnt for the WT policy of shunning, there would be NO Ex-JW activism today. People who left wouldnt care about 1914, or changes in the organization. Even the child abuse thing would be way less in volume. But because exjws have family that are actually harming them through shunning – that’s what makes an apostate. Its actually a vicious circle. The organization tells people to shun their family that leave, and those that leave become ‘apostates’ because of shunning. Which leads to more shunning. WT is really shooting itself in the foot with this. If They would just change that one thing, their ‘apostate’ problem would go away. For me, what bothers me, and why I write so colorfully about the org, is that it is harming my life and the lives of my family.  If not for that, I wouldnt care at all what you  believe.

Secondly, it annoys me intellectually. If you would actually do your own research and look into these claims and see if they are true or not; if you would read books I recommend or watch videos about it, and after that you STILL beleived everything you do about JWs, ok then. I wouldnt agree, but at least you made an INFORMED decision. But you  wont even see for yourselves. You’ve been taught to be terrified. Your right that “apostate” stuff messes with your mind, it messes you up to find out you have been mislead for years. To find out that the religious organization you belong to is actually more dangerous than is the enemy it claims to protect you from. That is why I would say 95% of people that actually do the research for themselves end up leaving. But why would that be a bad thing? Thats what I dont get about the “scary apostate” claims. If finding out something you didn’t know causes you to leave an org that isnt true, why is that bad? That would be a great thing. And if leaving that org causes family members to actually be family again, well thats just icing on the cake.

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