What A Lot of Ex-JWs Get Wrong when Speaking to Those Still In…..

Perspective! This can be really hard and is something that I failed at miserably when I first spoke about my issues with family and friends. You have to remember that they are just not at the place you are at and to come at them with ideas that are completely alien all at once is […]

Number 1 Lie Jehovah’s Witnesses Will Tell You

There are many disingenuous or outright falsehoods that JWs will tell you about their organization or beliefs. To be fair, they are not taught to think of them as lies so the average Witness will only be parroting something he/she read in a Watchtower and never gave it any more thought. They may sincerely belief […]


This is dedicated to my wonderful sister Laura. I grew up with 2 brothers and 1 sister. You see I actually had 2 sisters, but one of them, my sister Laura, was disfellowshipped from my religion when I was very young. As such, she was not apart of my life to any meaningful degree. My […]